Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Void Left Behind

For those who have already read my first blog, I appreciate you.... and the people who've cared to drop in a comment- "THANK YOU".
"Today, I sit whiling away the hours of my final working day in Satybums, yet the feeling of nostalgia for the four years spent is not that overwhelming as I expected it to be..  However lousy you might have been,yet you are soon-to-be my alma mater . The memory lane that I walked these years is not cobbled grey... There was Spring and Summer, and Autumn...... and Winter.. there was a giant kaleidoscope projecting the sky above,and I walked in its colors. As, I look up, the clouds of void and emptiness gather and down comes the drops from heaven and falls right under my eyes, only I guess, to conceal the glistening drops streaming down from my eyes."


  1. now you're talking...beautifully written...a poem in verse...the words sing in a peaceful choir exuberating their slow and numb vignette...well done...

  2. oh boy..welcome at last....wel defined emotion...damn manly...looved it sweetheart..!!

  3. Lovely.... Awesome...... well expressed emotion.... Just love it.... :)